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Our Aircraft Explored series of PC software are designed to be easy to use and very stable on all PC computer platforms. However, if you are experiencing any problems running your new software, we want to help. Before contacting us by e-mail, there are essential methods you should carry out to ensure the latest games and applications run correctly on your PC. The methods listed below will solve most problems.
DirectX 9 and above are part of Windows® XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It allows Windows to access certain parts of your PC at high speed, to allow you to run today's games and programs. As new technology is introduced, such as next generation 3D Accelerators and 3D soundcards, DirectX evolves to support these new technologies. Our software run best using DirectX version 3 or above, although the latest version (currently at 10) would be best. In order for DirectX to operate correctly, it will require the latest software drivers for your video card and sound card. These drivers can usually be downloaded onto your PC from your card's manufacturer - a list and weblinks are given below. For more information regarding DirectX please visit the official Microsoft DirectX website:
DirectX™ -
Graphic Drivers Listing
It is always important to update you graphic card's driver to gain the very best performance from it and to help to ensure full compatibility with DirectX™.By installing the latest driver, you can help resolve any crashes and lockups that may have occurred. Here are some weblinks to the main suppliers of graphic cards from where you can download your cards latest driver:
Asus Cards -
ATI Cards -
Creative Lab Cards -
Guillemot Cards -
Hercules Cards -
Leadtek Cards -
Matrox Cards -
nVidia Cards -
Power VR -
S3 -
VisionTek Cards -
Sound Drivers Listing
Creative Lab Cards -
C-Media -
Diamond -
Videologic -
Yamaha -
Contact Support
We can offer Technical Support by e-mail only.In order to help you, it is essential that you provide the following information:
PC Brand name and model
Processor speed and manufacturer
CD-ROM Drive speed and manufacturer
Total amount of system RAM
The make and model of your Video Card/ 3D Accelerator together with amount of Video RAM
The make and model of your Sound Card
Mouse and driver information
Full details of the problem encountered
Please send your e-mail to: with 'Support' as your e-mail subject.
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